Unlock the Potential of Bio-partnering at Global Bio-India 2023

"One-on-One Partnering™ Demo & Tutorial"

The Bio-partnering experience at Global Bio-India 2023 is powered by the Inova One-on-One Partnering™️ System, a global industry standard trusted by leading Pharma, Biotech, and Life Sciences companies. It uses state-of-the art processes to enable a smooth partnering experience.

Registration for Bio-partnering offers in person meetings in special Bio-partnering booths at the meeting venue in the three days of Global Bio-India and virtual meeting post event for two days, thereby ensuring flexible networking experience. The platform gives access to a robust company directory offering direct communication and providing meeting slots, ensuring maximum flexibility across various time zones. In previous editions of Global Bio-India, participants have enjoyed an exceptional experience, with over 1,000 meetings seamlessly scheduled on the platform.

The system is gearing up to go live in just a few days! To make the most of this opportunity, we encourage you to complete your registration for Global Bio-India 2023 at https://globalbioindia.org/registrationgbi. Don't forget to check the Bio-partnering box to connect with a diverse range of attendees on a unified platform.

Join us in shaping the future of biotechnology and fostering collaboration. Let's make this Bio-partnering experience truly unforgettable!

Registration for Bio-Partnering

Each participant who has registered for Bio-partnering will be provided a partnering account after they fill the GBI registration form under the Bio-partnering only category. The term "organization" covers all types of companies, institutions, departments, individuals etc. While registering for the Global Bio-India event, registrants will be requested to accept the Terms & conditions at https://www.globalbioindia.org/term-conditions and the event Privacy policy https://www.globalbioindia.org/privacy-policy that assures Data Protection.

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Partnering Meetings
For further details and Bio-partnering program contact - biopartnering@globalbioindia.org